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The foundation we must build for our family will fall short of erasing paradigms and beliefs to assure a charitable, successful, and inspiring life. We all have lines, patterns, scars, and dreams created with these paradigms over many years, some ingrained with care and others from fears and manipulations. With the desire to perform at the highest level in life, health and wellness, family, sport, business, and relationships, we must gain knowledge, humility expressed, and paradigm shifts must take place, along with habits for optimal performance in all areas of life obtained. 


Imagine creating a product or service and turning your very thoughtful idea into a business, a lofty ambition for many people who dare to take a leap and secure belief in self. The start is constantly faced with excitement, but what about the end? Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs and small business owners never consider an exit strategy in business terms. So how do you know where to take your business without a clear exit strategy? The game must end at some point. What will be the score for your family at the end?  


Engaging many minds with a setting for profound endorphins across the brain cortex allows for the combustion of vital thought and profound expressions. Time is given to events, organizations, board members, leadership groups, teams, and the like and is often met with the same outcome. Success for the moment, with insignificant actions of groups towards success or individuals performing at high levels long after the event.

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I have cultivated significant relationships through humility, trust, and listening to return results to those seeking and expecting changes in all areas of their lives.


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A walk we all are on is this journey of life. We are a creation of influence. We allow ourselves to be wielded like a power staff performing life with meaning, structure, and accountability to impact, inspire and move those to high standards with awareness to live profound in desires and worth.

Hello there!

I'm Gregg Washington, a dedicated servant to improving human performance and escalating thought power towards achievement. So often lost in an unguided world and neglected landscape of mind inflection, we humans take actions and sometimes make decisions on a primitive thought steeped in safety, security, comfort, and fear; however, you would like to dial it up mentally. The emotional triggers and endorphins are associated with these. To perform life without these stressors takes time working in areas of yourself and the deepest parts of your mind and establishing biochemistry subsets that move life performance to the highest levels.

I offer my time with a touch of profound grace to provide you with truths that have helped me fail in life and those that have habitually moved me to win in all areas of life and impact many lives, only through mind tact listening. I will shorten your time to success if you're seeking to perform live with a high standard or want to elevate your business performance to realize brand relevance and profit strength. I have taken the pain for you with many failures. Allow me to provide you and those you lead with an exceptional partnership to compete in life and business at an elite level.

Gregg Washington

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Mind Portal Hack

Join my Master Class, Mind Portal Hack. Learn how to grow and scale your business without having a lot of capital and with simple strategic systems and compounding actions to achieve business stability, growth, and scale. Life's success comes from vision, acceptance in power, and exceptional partnerships. 

  • Break down barriers in your subconscious mind that have held you back from business growth and scale. 

  • Establish procedures to stop slow mental actions in decision-making that creates tension in business systems, departments, and individuals.

  • Construct a mental cartridge for in-depth conversation and sensory connective listening for business quantum leaps.

  • Learn systems that will move your business forward into the future and secure expansion with quick results.

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We All Have A Path To Take That Will Impact Others Lives 


More About Me

When I pass through this life, as we all will, how I played in this field of life will be remembered by those guided to me. A tatterdemalion mind gave in care and thoughtful direction to ascend levels imagined. 

Believe in yourself, and you’ll be unstoppable have the courage to be great!

No matter what anyone says, if you believe in yourself, you will do anything you are capable of. So don't doubt yourself, and don't let your fears stop you from trying and achieving your best. You may fail and fall, but you will win and become unstoppable in your performance in life.